Tennis 10's

Tennis 10's


Fly Sports is the company that represents Gustavo Kuerten, or Guga, in Belo Horizonte, through Escolinha Guga. It seeks a complete formation of the child in motor, cognitive, psychosocial and tactical technical aspects. It counts on the collaboration of the educator Ailton Marques, responsible for the sport initiation of several children in tennis, with emphasis on the double player Bruno Soares.

Belvedere – Fly Belvedere Academy
Serra – Olympico Club


“Escolinha Guga is the newest initiative of the Guga Kuerten Group with the objective of promoting the initiation and development of tennis for children up to 10 years old. I understand that it is in this age group that the greatest potential for the development of the child's talent and the acquisition of motor, cognitive and affective skills for the practice of this sport resides. That's how I learned to practice and enjoy sports, especially tennis. Through this concept and with partners who will share vision, values, principles, methodology, continuous training and professional management in the provision of services, I am convinced that we can turn a dream into reality. , to quantitatively and qualitatively expand the base of children playing tennis in Brazil.”


Escolinha Guga is based on a set of elements, among which stand out – Vision, Principles, Values, Methodology, Processes and Management Systems. All this within a model that is constantly evolving and that guarantees the natural and intuitive development of the
child in tennis practice.


The Guga Kuerten Group shares the following vision with its partners: “Sowing good principles and multiplying champions in Life”.


As Principles and Values, we highlight:

1.First the Character then the Skill;
2. Every child has the seed of talent to be developed;
3.Each child has its own pace of development;
4. The child's development is the result of its environment;


The Guga School was structured on four main pillars: the Educator, the Methodology, the
Training and Management.


The Educator has a direct role in the process of developing the child's talent and, therefore, the result of the work depends on the quality of its performance. For this, it is prepared both conceptually, pedagogically and didactically. In other words, he has scientific and practical knowledge to understand why he plans and executes each activity, he is prepared to work with children and he knows how to apply the activities in the classes, in a structured way, to achieve the proposed objectives.


THE Methodology used by Escolinha Guga – Tennis for children – is the result of the search for the best practices used for the development of children's talent and skills to practice tennis in its physical-motor, technical-tactical and socio-affective dimensions. The classes, due to their structure and sequence of activities, work as a high-intensity capsule, where children are encouraged to continue their development when they are not in class, due to the stimulus and affection they have for the sport. The activities performed in the classes must pass through the following filters:

1.Generate pleasure in playing tennis;
2. Have adherence to sports practice;
3.Provide the development of talent in tennis;
4.Contribute to comprehensive education.


The Training pillar comprises the selection of the team of educators, initial training and continued development. Training goes beyond their competence in understanding and applying the methodology, because as a model for children, they are also prepared as a manager and know how to check and evaluate the progress of activities and the progression of each child.


As a fourth pillar, the care with the Management of the Escolinha Guga Units plays a fundamental role, since the project intends to be effective. This includes the care with the excellence of the processes to implement, operate and manage our Units, maintaining the quality of the services they propose, that is, promoting the initiation and development of tennis for children up to 10 years old.

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