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tennis 10's

Fly Sports is the company that represents Gustavo Kuerten, or Guga, in Belo Horizonte, through Escolinha Guga. It seeks a complete formation of the child in motor, cognitive, psychosocial and tactical technical aspects. It counts on the collaboration of the educator Ailton Marques, responsible for the sport initiation of several children in tennis, with emphasis on the double player Bruno Soares.

Professional tennis

At the end of 2015 Hugo Daibert and Bruno Soares closed a new partnership. Hugo is Bruno Soares' new coach and accompanies him on the world circuit. Right after the first pre-season of this new partnership, very positive results have already come, Bruno won two Grand Slam titles. At the Australian Open 2016 he was champion of men's doubles and mixed doubles. Bruno is among the select group of Brazilian Grand Slam champions, accompanied by names such as Maria Esther Bueno, Gustavo Kuerten, Thomaz Koch and Marcelo Melo.

Tennis Academy


The Belvedere unit has a range of services from Escolinha Guga, a children's competition team, to social classes and business events. There is also training for the children's competition team, where training is carried out aimed at the development of children to participate in tournaments.

Competition team

For those who want more than training… Aimed at children and youth, it has training at the Pampulha Iate Clube (PIC) and at the Belvedere Academy. We serve athletes who are seeking development and growth in the level of tennis played, combined with achievements in results. It aims to provide athletes with the opportunity to play at a high level national and international federated competitions, keeping the flame of being a professional athlete, representing an American University with excellent scholarships, or being a European interclub player.

Talent detection

Caça Talentos is an innovative and sustainable sports business. It is a sports business because it aims to deliver integrated solutions to the different actors in the athlete development, media and sports events development value chains. It is an innovative and sustainable business because it proposes a scientific and marketing solution for detecting sports talent, generating financial and social benefits.